Theme Dinner

The theme dinner this year on Authentic Kashmiri cuisine was held on 14th July 2017, and the event was named ‘Khushamdeed’. It was conducted by our third year students in collaboration with second and first years giving them a firsthand exposure to handling big events.

Presentation on Pies & Tarts

0n 10th August 2017, the Craft Bakery students organised a presentation on Pies and Tarts.

Nestle Annual Competition

On 13th September 2017 we had our annual competition conducted by Nestlé. Students of the TYBSc and SYBSc classes and the Craft Bakery Bakery participated in it. The following were the winners; First Prize Ms. Veronica Fernandes, Second Prize Ms. Danielle Pereira and Third prize Ms. Karishma Patel in the category of desserts. In the category of savouries we had Ms Adeline Yang in first place, Ms Aditi Sali in second place and the third prize was given to Ms Blossom Soans. This year both categories were given consolation prizes which were won by Ms Naazneen Khatri for the dessert section and Mr. James Gaikwad for the savoury section.

Mocktail Presentation

On 22nd September 2017, under the guidance of our dynamic Head of Department, the second year class had a wonderful presentation on Mocktails along with mouth watering starters.